• Formerly Insurance Solutions of WI


Insurance Solutions was founded in January 2013 by Dorcas George and Paulette Ruminski to offer independent solutions to independent people like you—knowing that one size does not fit all. The company changed names in 2020 to Next Step Insurance and is now run by Kristina George & Kevin Stifle who hold the same beliefs. We believe in two primarily things—have a values-based approach and our combined expertise can solve any problem. As someone recently said to us, “There is no other place in our area like Insurance Solutions. No one else does what you do here.” We are independent agents/brokers and together our team brings you over 100 years of knowledge and experience.

Kevin Stifle
Specializing in Medicare
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Kristina George
Under 65 & Group Insurance Division
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Paulette Ruminski
Focusing on current clients
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David Mair
Specializing in Medicare & Life Insurance

Theresa Tesch
Specializing in Under 65