SAVING MONEY for employers is a must in today’s economy. The cost of providing benefits can rise significantly each year, while employees are seeking more and more from their benefits packages. Many employers struggle to balance employee needs with their own capabilities and bottom lines. We have the answer for you!

Introducing QSEHRA – Helping small business offer employee benefits without worry of increasing costs.

What is it?

QSEHRA (pronounced “Q-Sarah” for fun) is a new and more efficient way for small businesses (Under 50 employees) and non-profits to offer health insurance options to their employees. Benefits for Employers:

    1. QSEHRA allows small business employers to set aside a fixed amount of money each month for their employees to use for health insurance, medical expenses and more and it is Tax-Free!
    2. No headache of traditional group plans rates going up each quarter/year
    3. Freedom to design your plan the way that makes sense for you
    4. Allowing employees to pick what they want instead of a forced “one-size fits all” plan
    5. Budget Control
    6. Unclaimed funds stay with the employer

Benefits for Employees:

    1. Does not count as income
    2. Freedom to pick the plan they want
    3. Lots of option for health & medical reimbursement, i.e. Dental coverage, Vision, Accident Protection, deductible, co-pays, etc.

Options for Employers:

  • Traditional and Self-Funded Health Insurance
  • Voluntary Benefits (As an Employer you can offer these without having to pay for the premium.)
    • 1. Dental & Vision
      2. Guaranteed Life Insurance (Both Term & Whole Life)
      3. Accident Coverage
      4. Short Term & Long Term Disability
      5. Hospital Indemnity Plans
      6. Cancer & Critical Illness policies
      7. Long Term Care Insurance
      8. Tele-a-Doc
      9. Prescription Coverage
      10. And so much More
  • QSEHRA – Created especially for small business employers to set aside a fixed dollar amount of money each month for their employees to use for insurance premiums or medical expenses. Is a tax deduction for employers and not income for employees.